Many smartphones over the decades have had (and may still have) features unique to them, such as the now defunct IR blaster once common on many LG/Samsung phones, which functioned as a universal remote, the totally failed Modular Motorola smartphone platform, to the blistering fast charging speeds OnePlus/Oppo phones offer. Then there’s Super Bluetooth, a feature found on all of TCL’s smartphones.

It enables you to connect up to 4 different Bluetooth audio devices, which is unheard of in any smartphone (other than Samsung, which is limited to two devices and not particularly known to be cheap). One could easily play music through multiple speakers in their house, which is exactly what I do to isolate annoying neighborhood sounds when trying to relax or sleep. To make the listening experience even better, the Super Bluetooth feature allows you to independently control the volume levels of each device and even adjust the latency (to allow your various speakers to not sound out of sync with each other). Of course, you can even share your audio to three of your friend’s headsets. Get your jam on!