Sonoma Coast Spirits is a woman-owned craft distillery in Petaluma, Sanoma County, CA. They produce a variety of spirits and cocktails, including a lemon drop. A lemon drop is a simple, Vodka based cocktail. It is mostly made of lemon juice and sweetened, so basically it’s a Vodka spiked lemonade. It’s often served in classy Martini glasses, rimmed with sugar. Sonoma’s Lemon Drop is convenient, as it is already premade and ready to pour. It is also high quality, as it is made with their very own Vodka, while the lemons taste as if they were freshly squeezed and sweetened with sugar (as opposed to lower quality corn syrup).

One thought on “Sonoma Coast Spirits Lemon Drop review”
  1. I didn’t know they were woman-owned!? Thanks Ronan. Their Lemon Drop mixer is by far the best out-of-a-bottle concoction I have ever had. It gets two-thumbs up from me for sure!

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