I thought this was a very interesting and dramatic story that I read. Two boys, Orrin and Orson West, adopted sons of Jacqueline and Trezell West had been reporting missing on December 2020. This prompted an exhaustive search by California City Police, which would eventually receive help from community members, the FBI, CHP, and Kern County Police.

The search even expanded 60 miles west, in Bakersfield. No results. The police would suspect foul play; initially the parents were ruled out as suspects. Extended family members offered large cash rewards, and police had even polygraphed individuals with no definitive results. Then comes a really dark plot twist. Just a few days ago, the parents were indicted of murder (and other various charges, like falsely reporting the children missing) by a grand jury which had convened right before the end of 2021. District attorney Cynthia Zimmer stated that the boys had died weeks before they were reporting missing, though says the facts/evidence won’t be laid until the parents’ appearance in court this Thursday.