The great State of California has been working on a bill for single-payer universal Healthcare for all state residents, as well as another bill to help fund it (by increasing taxes on the very wealthy, many, if not all of whom pay very little in taxes proportionate to their wealth). This attempt isn’t new, as it was on the ballot back in 1997 (and was rejected), nor could legislators back then find a way to fund it.

Anyways, this new attempt faces grave opposition from private insurance companies (as they would be rendered obsolete, or not as prevalent). In addition, the higher taxes gives more reason for these wealthy corporations (and those at the top of the pyramid) to oppose it. In the meantime, Governor Newsom is working on a plan to expand Medi-Cal ($2.2 B) for all low income residents.

With California as progressive as it is now (compared to 1997), as well as the pandemic exposing the need for better public health, it seems like a great idea opportunity to pass such legislation soon.