Mike and I took decided to revisit Lewis Creek Trail, which we had not been to in years. It’s a relatively easy trail with a bit of distance at almost 4 miles. As you can guess by the name, the trail runs along the nearly 2-mile creek. Along the trail, you can also see Corlieu FallsĀ and Red Rock Falls. Most of the difficulty of the trail comes from the fallen trees which have not been cleared yet, or slippery wet/ice on the trail.

Snow seen in the lower right.

To my surprise, there was some snow along parts of the trail, most of it in the northern part (we started from the south). It should be noted that there are usually quite a lot of people traversing the trail, so it’s ideal to be vaccinated to minimize COVID-19 exposure/spread. Thankfully, the abundance of people can scare away mountain lions, which do live in the area; it’s ideal to hike with someone else, and to ensure your presence is known by making noise when taking steps (to avoid surprising the big cats).