My usual experience of wine tasting is hopping across the plethora of wineries in the California Region, be it Lodi, Fresno, Madera, and a few others like Napa I have yet to experience. These wine tastings have been more of an outdoor experience, with me usually exploring the actual winery for a bit. But I’ve never much done a wine tasting at a store, namely, Total Wine & More in Fresno, the only location within the Central Valley.

You just might find spirits that speak out to you as well.

Wine tastings are done every Thursday (2pm-6pm) and Saturday (12pm-6pm), and they’re free! A small sample of 6 wines are offered, ranging from dry or sweet, red or white, flat and sparkling. You just might find the wine that best speaks for you that day. Surprisingly, the prices are actually consistent with other stores, and Total Wine does much more than wine. They have a large selection of spirits, with a spirit tasting on Friday. There’s also wine tasting classes that sell out quickly for $20; they just might win me over.