80 major western wildfires burning

This is from the annals of our state is on fire…again. From NBC News today: From California to New Mexico wildfires are devastating the west coast and other parts of the country. More than 1,800 square miles of land have been torched due to drought.

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California and Governor Newsom to send COVID-19 aid to India

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California will send life-saving oxygen equipment to India as that country faces a devastating and fast-spreading surge of COVID-19 cases.

California is in a position to distribute these life-saving supplies because of the early, aggressive actions that Governor Newsom took to combat COVID-19, which has resulted in the lowest positivity rates in the entire country and more than 28 million vaccines already having been administered in California. Even while providing these needed supplies to India, California still maintains a robust state stockpile to rapidly respond to any additional outbreaks that may occur within the state.

For information on California’s response to COVID-19, visit covid19.ca.gov