There’s nothing better than the nostalgic red, white and blue bomb pops you could enjoy as a child during the summer, especially during ‘Murica’s July the 4th celebrations. Smirnoff’s red, white & (blue) berry flavored vodka is an adult twist to the classic bomb pop, with all the delicious flavors for us adults to enjoy. Red, white & berry’s flavor is cherry, citrus (don’t ask me why that’s represented by the color white), and blue raspberry.

A bomb pop

It is very easy to enjoy this flavored vodka by itself chilled, but I personally like it citrus flavored sodas (7-up), ginger ale, and fruit juices, especially cranberry juice! If the flavor wasn’t enough of a resemblance, even the bottle resembles bomb pops; the same color scheme in a rocket like shape, ready to burst with flavor! I snagged my bottle at a Walmart, so hopefully you do too, otherwise refer to the link below for more information.