Disney sure has been busy bringing its old cartoons back to the big screen as bona fide movies, and so far, I think the few I’ve watched (The Lion King 2019, Mulan 2020) have been good. The movies are a bit more than a conversion of a cartoon to live-action (or to high tech CGI), with Mulan 2020 having a bit more flair than the original, though the Lion King 2019, for better or worse, stuck to mostly the same script. But it seems that we’re going to get something original: Mufasa: The Lion King. This new movie is expected to be in theaters in December 2024, and as the title suggests, it is the backstory of Mufasa, as an orphaned cub, lost and alone. If you somehow don’t know or remember who that is, that is Simba’s dad in the Lion King.


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