Costco’s Kirkland certainly has a large selection of high quality products, and Scotch is no exception. Kirkland has two Scotch whiskeys: One aged for 4 years (blended), and one for 12 years (also blended). It’s pretty much expected that older is smoother, and that is the case, with the 12 years aged having less of a bite, and with a more refined smokiness to it. It’s not single malt, but it’s still a great value for a handle (1.75 L) of 12 years aged Scotch at 30 ish dollars. That’s the same price as a Glenlivet 12 at 750 ml. Of course, this isn’t a single malt, so naturally it should be cheaper. Not quite as easy to sip by itself (I ended up mixing coke in the cup of whiskey in the photo), but definitely excellent in cocktails, such as the classic Whisky and Coke.