The Warriors are on their way to the 2022 NBA Finals after eliminating the Dallas Mavericks in a 120-110 victory at Chase Center on Thursday night.

The Dubs came out strong and maintained the lead through all four periods, including a 41-point second quarter to take the halftime advantage (69-52). With the Mavericks’ season on the line, Dallas made a push in the second half however the Warriors maintained a double-digit distance through the entirety of the final frame.

After winning 53 games in the regular season and only losing four playoff games thus far, the Warriors become Western Conference champions (12-4) and advance to the 2022 NBA Finals.

Klay Thompson led all scorers with 32 points as the Warriors make their 6th NBA Finals appearance in 8 seasons. The only other team in history to do that in an 8 year span is the Chicago Bulls. That’s pretty damn good company if you ask me! If you’d like to read the rest of the official game recap just click the button below.