The Golden State Warriors are done with the longest, most grueling road trip of the season and will take a long break before their Christmas Day game on Sunday. Santa isn’t bringing anything nice either because the coal in our stocking this year will the Memphis Grizzlies. Of course, everyone in the Golden State Haters Club is throwing dirt on their grave and declaring their championship repeat hopes dead. I’m saying, not so much.

Let me go on record and state this clearly so there is no doubt: The Warriors will repeat as NBA Champions come June and there are two reasons why. First of all, if you take a closer look at the plus-minus for the starting five vs. anyone other than Steph, Klay, Wiggs, Green and Looney you will see just how week the bench is performing so far. A big part of that is the relative youth and inexperience of Moody, Kuminga, and James Wiseman. JaMichael Green and DiVencezo will need a little more time to learn how the Warriors play week in and week out.

The second reason I’m not worried about the Dubs is the standings in the Western Conference. As of today, even with our abysmal road record, the Dbus are only 4 games out of first place in the West.