Slavery is one of the greatest sins committed in America, but that’s only a portion of horrors and harms inflicted on African Americans. In many aspects of our government and society, the legacy of slavery and racism has ensured African Americans would never be treated equally, be it political, legal, health, financial, educational, cultural, environmental, social and economic systems (and law enforcement). As such, it is no surprise the largest (by population) and most diverse state has a state reparations task force. This task force created a special office charged with providing financial reparations for Black residents. It also released a comprehensive report at nearly 500 pages long.

(USA Today): California’s reparations report is the first government-commissioned detailing of transgressions against Black Americans since the federal Kerner Commission report in 1968.” The history of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and other discrimination against Black Americans detailed in the report lays out the reasons a reparations program is needed, task force member Lisa Holder said. “The depth, breadth and scope of the report is astounding,” Holder said. “We are evaluating racism beginning in 1619 and going all the way to the present … and connecting (past) injustices to injustice that we are seeing.