Steph Curry puts up 32 points in return to action

Stephen Curry tallied 32 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists in his return from a tailbone injury as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Chicago Bulls 116-102.

Curry has been out of the lineup for several games most recently because of a bruised tail bone. My heart skipped a beat a few times whenever he went to the floor. You could seen the wince on his face at times and the how gingerly he got up. He knows we need him on the court and with the Warriors not able to get it done with him missing he’s gutting it out. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he can heal up in the background and not sustain any more serious injury the rest of the way.

Steph Curry wins 3-point contest

I know Ronan already did a blog on Steph winning the trey shooting contest but I wanted to give a shout out as well. I watched Steph win his first crown and I was elated to be able to watch Steph Curry take his second crown in thrilling and sharp shooting fashion. Check out the video clip below. The first round was his qualifying round and immediately following is his championship winning round.

And for all of you history buffs, Golden State Warrior fans, and Curry enthusiasts here is a video clip I found of Curry’s first 3-point contest win six years ago…