It was one week ago today that the Golden State Warriors capped off their 4th NBA Finals appearance in the last 8 years with another championship. We took our show on the road and put down the Celtics in Boston on the storied parquet floor of TD Garden in Game 6. After all was said and done, we didn’t even need any Game 7 heroics from anyone. The crown jewel of the entire season, and the impressive run in the playoffs, was Wardell Stephen Curry finally winning an NBA Finals MVP nod.

At one point in the rush of celebrations, and tears, and hugs, and accolades, and whoops and hollers Steph exclaimed, “What are they going to say now?”

There it is. What ARE they going to say now? All of those haters, all of those older guard players who have never liked where Curry and Company took the league. Three pointers from almost unlimited range. Pace and space, defensive prowess, humility, teamwork, and a motion offense that sooner or later gets the best of everyone. These are all things that have dominated this Warriors dynasty and it’s going to be the hallmarks of what is yet to come. And all of this was, is, and will be only possible because of the greatest shooter of all time and one of the Top 10 greats to ever play the game.

Steph won before K.D. He won with K.D. He has now won after K.D.

What the hell are they going to say now? Whatever it is. Steph Curry and his now complete resume says it all.