Oops: Gov. Gavin Newsom isn’t listed as a Democrat on recall ballot

Gov. Newsom’s legal team made a mistake 16 months ago in which Newsom’s party preference won’t show up next to his name in the upcoming recall ballot, which was only realized in June. Newsom’s handpicked Secretary of State, Shirley Weber, refuses to allow for Newsom’s legal team to fix this mistake, which prompted Newsom to sue his own Secretary of State.

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When will CA’s recall election happen anyway?

So, it seems that the recall election for Governor Gavin Newsom will happen. But, here’s the thing. Never mind that California is as blue as the Pacific Ocean, or how much of a joke Newsom’s challengers, such as Caitlyn Jenner (shoutout to Mike for his detailed blog on the recall) is. You see, the recall election will very likely take place in the fall, probably October or November. By this point, Californians will likely be accustomed to COVID-19 no longer being a menace in everyday lives, the economy will have gotten better, and many will be in a much better mood. Well, except for Republicans. They just can’t adjust to life starting to return to normal, not after their God Emperor Cheeto’s reign.

Republicans have tried to invent their own issues, such as their recent beef with Biden’s war on red meat. They’ve devolved too much since 2016 to return back to reality. And when COVID-19 is no more, they won’t have people to assault for wearing masks, or protesting some random business (that they never would go to) over their mask mandates. The clown fest that will be Jenner’s campaign won’t last long, and once it’s over, even The Onion will be too normal for them. If all goes accordingly, and there aren’t anymore major crises (that Republicans will blame on Newsom), Republicans already abysmal chances of success will have sunk to Challenger Deep.

Governor Gavin Newsom vs. many difficult situations & dumb ‘recall’ Newsom petition

While Republicans cry foul of how Dems have treated Drumpf (rightfully so), Republicans meanwhile have some crazy unfounded hatred of Gavin Newsom, even if they themselves don’t actually live in California. More so, they’re greatly outnumbered, with approximately 2/3 of the state’s being blue (assumption from 2020 election results). It’s no secret Republicans have always hated California, but such hatred for a governor, Gavin Newsom, hasn’t been seen in 15 years since former governor Gray Davis’s recall (in which Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican at the time, became governor). Below, the former governor makes remarks at just what a difficult hand Gavin has been dealt.

“Nobody has been dealt a tougher hand than Gavin Newsom,” Gray Davis, the former California Democratic governor who was recalled in 2003, said in an interview. “Look, I had the energy crisis and a recession. He has a pandemic we haven’t seen for 100 years. He has the fallout from that pandemic, racial injustice, wildfires, and I think I’m leaving something out. But nobody, no living governor, has had to experience as many crises as him.”


In the past year, displays of Republican stupidity (tents propped up all around northern Fresno, and recall Newsom sheeple stumbling around Wal-Marts.) became a usual eye sore. This petition in an attempt to recall Newsom requires 1.5 million signatures (1 million as of now), though it’s unlikely it will actually go through, and even if it does, Republicans are greatly outnumbered. They will only compound just how dangerous and uncooperative they are, as well humilate themselves further. I hope that this will give the Biden administration and many Democrats even more intent to just plow through Republicans, as it should be evidently clear that bipartisanship with the majority of Republicans is an utter waste of time.