California sends two teams to NFL Divisional Playoffs

There were three football teams representing the Golden State in the NFL Super Wildcard Playoffs over the weekend. The Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Rams all competed thereby officially beginning their quest for a Super Bowl berth. San Diego couldn’t get it because they have a coach who thought going for it on 4th down when they had their backs against their own end zone was a winning strategy. Personally, I think I’m on the #firebrandonstaley bandwagon, for sure. Thankfully, San Francisco and Los Angeles were successful and are set to represent Northern and Southern California this weekend.

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Brandon Staley blows game and great opportunity for L.A. Chargers

I am so disgusted right now I could spit. Brandon Staley, head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, blew a game and an opportunity of historic proportion. Everyone is talking about how the Chargers blew this or the Chargers blew that but let’s call it like it needs to be called. Brandon Staley should be held solely accountable for the debacle the entire country witnessed in primetime on Thursday Night Football.

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