The OnePlus 12 is, like many of their previous flagships, is a king of the hill! The highly anticipated phone launches with premium specs, many of which outperform its competitors, including Samsung and Google. It very much resembles the OnePlus 11 with its monster eye camera lens but has superior specs. Its screen is actually bigger than the newly launched S24 Ultra (6.82 inch screen vs 6.8). While that’s hardly a difference, the screen is almost twice as brighter at 4500 nits vs the S24’s 2600 nits, which you’ll value when trying to read in bright sunlight. OnePlus also brings back wireless charging.

Those that have OnePlus’s 50 watt wireless charger since the OnePlus 8 Pro (and the 9 Pro) should definitely consider the 12 as an upgrade, but I’ve always preferred the faster wired charging of OnePlus phones anyway. The phone is currently $799 for the 512GB/16GB option, the same price as the lower end 256/12GB model. For the first time ever, US customers can also obtain the R variant, the OnePlus 12R, which starts at $499. It’s basically the Indian variant, and is cheaper, but with lower specs.