If there’s one thing I haven’t been to yet in San Francisco, it’s the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). I visited it last week, and it sure was nice. The first thing you can do upon entering is store your belongings/coat. Then you can proceed to the ticket counter to buy tickets. Unfortunately, it was within an hour of closing, but the receptionist (and certain banners/flyers around the museum) made mention of free viewings.

This massive work of art is trippy to follow in understanding the story it tells.

These free viewings were quite loaded, with access to 45,000 square feet of art-filled spaces. It definitely took about an hour to explore the public space, and it has certainly left an impression on me to see the entirety of the museum next time!

This is an a-maize-ing variety of corn.

It should be noted that even free access still requires getting a ticket. Also, there’s even more freebies: Anyone 18 or younger always has free access to the entire museum, and on the first Thursdays every month, all Bay Area residents can also get free, full access to the museum. It’s recommended to reserve tickets online, just in case ticket availability in-person is limited.

What a wrap – This two-dimensional art piece interacts with its environment to become three-dimensional.