OnePlus launched their first ever smartwatch nearly 3 years in March of 2021 (for context, this was around the time the OnePlus 9 Pro launched). Since then, the company has been silent on whether or not there would be a second, until now. The OnePlus Watch 2 launches Feburary 26. Though there is very little information, OnePlus has already teased photos and marketed “military-grade durability”.

The watch definitely looks a bit sharper than the previous, with one side flattening out and housing the buttons. What seems to set it apart from others is long battery life (100 claimed by OnePlus; for comparison, most top-notch smartwatches like from Apple, Google, and Samsung will last a day or two, even with battery saving mode), as well as a modest price tag ($159 for the first; so the second should at least have a similar price).