I am so excited for this 6-part series I could use the force to help the Golden State Warriors get passed the Memphis Grizzlies. That’s another blog for another day though. Disney+ dropped the latest trailer for the spinoff stand alone series focusing on the veritable and vaulted Jedi Knight who lost Anakin to dark side and helped train Luke in Star Wars.

Lucasfilm’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ TV series will introduce Reva, an Inquisitor who has been tasked to hunt down the Jedi Master. The Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series is set during the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign, a period when the light of the Jedi appeared to have been extinguished forever. This was the age of the Sith – and their enforcers, the Inquisitors, who were tasked to ensure any survivors of Order 66 were hunted down and killed.

Operating under the supervision of Darth Vader himself, the Sith watched the galaxy for any hint of the Force. They understood the greatest weakness of the Jedi; that their compassion made them ill-suited for a time of darkness, making them unable to simply stand by. It is the nature of light to shine, and the Inquisitors’ job was to watch for the faintest pinprick of light, and then snuff it out. In addition to this, they were tasked to look for any sign of new Force-sensitives children. They kidnapped these Younglings on behalf of Emperor Palpatine himself, transporting them to the planet Arkanis where they were indoctrinated into the dark side. The Emperor intended these children to become his pawns, with their power focused on helping him catch visions of the future so he could never be overthrown.