After losing 118-99 to the Sacramento Kings in Game 6, Golden State Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry speak with the media. There were so many things that went wrong last night there are just too many to count let alone write about. Here are some of my thoughts.

First of all, I was nothing less than totally embarrassed and fuming red at the lackluster, subpar effort the Dubs showed last night. With the wind at their backs by snatching Game 6 on the road Wednesday night the Golden State Warriors failed to end the series on their own home court. No Warrior played particularly well but Steph was able to generate almost 30 points of offense but got no real, substantive help from anyone else. He was a one-man show and Game 6 Klay was nowhere to be seen. Klay was the second leading scorer with 22 but he only made two 3’s and wasn’t very impressive on the defensive end. Assuming Steph can summon another stellar offensive performance come Sunday, we’ll need more from Klay. Both Steph and Klay will need to lead the way and open up the floor for Wiggs and others.

I’m also very much over Jordan Poole in this series. While he has had some good moments, I contend that he has hurt us more than he has helped us over the course of these first 6 games. He absolutely should NOT start the game and we should reinsert Draymond Green. I think we should ride with our best lineup to start and that is Steph, Klay, Wiggs, Draymond, and Loon. That lineup won a championship and is much better defensively. We’ll need Poole’s offense off the bench when Steph rests, but I would keep him on a short leash. If he continues to play out of control, gets lost on defense, and can’t make plays that help us win he should be sat down. Those minutes should go to Donte and GP2 and Moses Moody.