There is a lot of discussion on the NBA’s decision to suspend Draymond Green for Game 3 of this week. Some of that commentary is good, some of it is bad, and some of it very bad. On ESPN’s First Take earlier today, Stephen A. Smith, J.J. Redick and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo talk through Draymond Green’s one-game suspension for the Golden State Warriors. This might be the best, measured, and fair dialogue I have heard yet.

It has been more than frustrating to watch the Kings foul, and hack, and grab, and hold for two games now. Flopping and faking contact and bear hugging is not good defense. It’s cheating and if that’s how the Kings want to try and win their first playoff series in two decades they can do that. My question is how much longer with the NBA enable that play by not calling the game fair for both sides? Some don’t like Draymond Green’s antics and edginess because they feel it makes the league look bad. Personally, the refs and by extension the NBA, putting their thumb on the scale to favor one team over the other is an even uglier look.