If you’re like us, we’ve been going through some withdrawals for game action as we wait for Game 1 in Sacramento. I found this today and realized it’s EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for said withdrawals. Here are 60 minutes of Dubs highlights ahead of the 2022-23 NBA Playoffs, featuring the BEST from Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, Draymond Green and the entire Golden State Warriors roster.

There is no getting around it, this year’s title defense will be a harrowing, long, and arduous journey that will be tougher because of our dismal road record in the regular season. That’s why we are opening on the road and will be on the road throughout the entire campaign. I have never been worried about our road record. The Dubs get bored and down in the doldrums because of our experience and our success. I also think as the cored of Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Looney age a little they tend to coast and draft like a savvy swimmer.

Here are the facts. The Dubs have won at least one road game in every playoff series they have played in the last 8 years. While our defense has been suspect throughout the regular season if there is any team, and any core, that can lock in and get down to business, it’s this one. Newcomers Donte DiVincenzo and JayMichel Green are very solid defenders, rebounders, and offensive threats. Andrew Wiggins and Gary Payton II are back and healthy and our bench scoring was really starting to emerge during the last 12 games of the season. On top of all that, the starting five of Steph, Klay, Wiggs, Draymond, and Loon are statistically the best starting five in the entire league. The Dubs will not only win the West, but they will successfully defend their title.