A company has secretly and recently acquired large swathes (60,000 acres) of land in Solano County since 2016, which is at the moment mostly rural and agricultural land. The shady way in which the land was bought briefly drew the attention of the Federal Government (FBI and military, as much of the land happens to be around the nation’s busiest airforce base). The company in question is known as California Forever, and has finally revealed their plans with the land, of which they spent 1 billion dollars on. They wish to use their newly acquired land to build a city, which would be situated between San Francisco and Sacramento. Whether or not they can actually accomplish this, and whether or not if it is the right thing to do (major environmental and financial concerns surround this project), their fate is ultimately up to voters. They need to collect signatures (13,500) just to make it on the November ballot, in which voters will decide whether or not to clear way for the project. The secretive company also revealed its backers, of which includes Jan Sramek, the CEO of the company who supposedly convinced tech giants in Silicon Valley to back the project.