The Segway Ninebot MAX G30P is one of 3 electric scooters in Ninebot Segway’s MAX product line. The G30P is the original, having been released since 2019, but it’s still one of the best electric scooters around, with a top speed of 18.6 mph, and a max range of 40 miles. I snagged a great deal for it at Bestbuy for under $700, which is great considering the G30P used to be $999.

My personal experience with the G30P


On unboxing, the G30P is very easy to set up. Only the handlebar needs to be screwed into place, which comes with the necessary hardware. The scooter must be setup with its respective app on first use, so be sure to have any Android or iPhone around (who doesn’t have a phone these days anyway?). Once set up, a device isn’t necessary for the functioning of the scooter, but, a paired device offers additional features, such as trip tracking, viewing battery health, electronic anti-theft, lighting features, regenerative brake strength, and even an odometer. Cool.

Value and Usage

The/the G30P is pretty solid and worth every dollar. 40 miles of range,18.6 mph top speed, built in headlights, bell, and rear lights that flash upon braking, and a built in display (displays battery life, speed, drive mode, and headlight status). It features discrete brakes in the front wheel, and an electric brake for the back wheel that houses the hub motor. This scooter is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, has comfortable grips and an easy to use throttle, brake, and a twist bell. It is easy to fold and carry.

It is weather resistant (dust, rain, occasional splashing) thanks to rubber seals covering up most exposed screws and the charging port, complete with fenders on both wheels. With a 500+ watt hour battery, it’s not the lightest scooter around, but 40 pounds (the average weight for a bicycle) is manageable once folded. This is quite useful for navigating tough terrain, stairs, and public spaces or transportation.

Electric Scooters in California

California is the birthplace, or the testing grounds of modern day electric scooters in the United States. Rentable electric scooters in the USA began with Bird in Santa Monica; you can easily see Birds, alongside its competitor, Lime, throughout large Californian cities. Despite this, electric scooters have had a tough time legislation wise, but if you’re a personal owner of one, you just need to know it’s like a bicycle, and all laws regarding bicycles apply to electric scooters.

In most cities, scooter riders will no doubt be tempted to choose the sidewalk, which is actually illegal for bicycles and electric scooters, unless a city’s legislation says otherwise, like in Fresno). Though being illegal, it almost seems acceptable when there are no bike lines in a heavy, dangerous traffic (yikes). Just be mindful of pedestrians on sidewalks, should you choose to do so. Note that electric scooters, along with bikes, can use roads cars use, except for the highway/freeway (duh).

Counter intuitively, bikes and electric scooters are technically subject to a 15mph speed limit, which seems stupid if legislators expect these tiny vehicles to occasionally share roads with cars. Thankfully, there usually are bike lanes aplenty, and urban/sideroads, should they be available, can provide a safe and completely legal way of getting to a destination.