Folks – Republicans are targeting FIVE Dem-held districts right here in California. There are multiple elections that require our immediate attention:

Adam Gray (CA-13) is running against John Duarte, whose conservative political backers include Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik, who both voted to overturn the 2020 election and supported Trump after the January 6th capitol insurrection.

Mike Levin (CA-49) is facing Brian Maryott, who has been nothing but a rubber stamp on the GOP’s toxic, tax-raising agenda.

Josh Harder (CA-09) is in a tight race with Tom Patti, an out of touch Republican who has voted to increase taxes on everything from health care to gasoline.

Katie Porter (CA-47) is getting pummeled in dark money from her opponent, Scott Baugh. Baugh has stated he doesn’t support abortion rights and has refused to say if he supports gay marriage.

And Julia Brownley (CA-26) is facing Matt Jacobs, an ultra-Conservative who will rubber stamp Kevin McCarthy’s radical agenda.

We must do everything we can to defend our Democrats!