In much of California, if not just the majority of the developed and still developing world, air quality can be quite poor. Los Angeles and Fresno are definitely not known for pristine air. Fresno is also pretty damn dusty. I swear I didn’t need to take allergy pills religiously to avoid sneezing fits every few hours when I was elsewhere. As such, I, like as with probably many others, have felt the push to purchasing an air purifier. The air purifier market can be quite vast and confusing, with some marketing ions, UV light, 4+ stage filtering and so on.

The smart air purifier can record and report indoor air quality real time and automatically adjusts fan speed. At night, it’ll run at the lowest speed to be whisper quiet.

Thankfully it was made simple with a great deal at Costco for a name brand air purifier: Winix. A Winix C545 was running for only about a hundred dollars, and came with 2 HEPA filters and 8 carbon filters, which is a 2 year supply. It’s also a smart device, so it can be controlled from anywhere via your phone and digital Assistants. For a small apartment, it definitely does the job; though it’s recommended for spaces 360 cubic feet, it’s claimed to filter 1440 cubic feet of air an hour. It’s very low maintenence, with carbon filter changes at every 2-3 months, hepa filter changes 8-12 months, and a simple vacuuming of the pre-filter every few weeks. Since then, I’ve often forgotten to follow my regiment of allergy pills with the cleaner inside air. It’s a good start to air purifiers if you’ve wanted to ever give one a try.