Stephen Cury scored 22 of his 36 points in the 4th Quarter and the Overtime period to lift the Golden State Warriors to a 125-116 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

This was, hands down, one of the more enjoyable and entertaining games I’ve seen all year. It’s no coincidence that it pitted the last two (most recent) titleholders from each respective Conference (East and West). In a very fast paced thriller that saw big runs from both teams it was akin to two heavyweight boxers, standing off in the middle of the ring, trading blows; and neither was giving in or backing down.

The stakes were high for both teams. The Bucks are trying to protect their number 1 seed, and home court throughout the Eastern Conference Playoffs, and the Dubs are trying to keep afloat in and even tighter Western Conference. The Bucks were without The Greek Freak and the Dubs were still without Andrew Wiggins. I was really impressed with the depth of the Bucks with a lot of great, dependable talent at almost every position. The Warriors continued their great, gritty play at home. I know we have much ground to cover as the regular season comes to a screeching end but here’s a thought: What a great 7-game series would this be in June?