Republicans make sure their recall effort is a clown fest.

The effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom recall has been a failed effort; they simply never could get the required votes in enough time. They received an extension last year by James R. Arguelles, a judge of the Superior Court of Sacramento County in California who was appointed by former Gov. Arnold. Once again, they were given another extension by that same judge up to March, and they claim to finally have enough signatures to force a gubernatorial recall election.

Jenner’s face is super imposed on Pennywise the clown. Wonder why.

As if the clowns behind the recall wasn’t enough, confused, disgraced and forgotten former Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner plans to run against Newsom in the recall election, should it happen. I say confused because apparently, Jenner claims she thought Trump would help with LGBTQ+ issues. Yeah, that’s the best candidate Republicans could come up with. I just hope the Democrats and Gov. Newsom don’t waste too much oxygen on this.