The Golden State Warrior’s back-to-back victories against Jazz and Suns.

The Golden State Warriors have not had many consistent, great games this year. We have beaten very good teams (Utah Jazz) on numerous occasions, all while losing big to not so good teams (Dallas Mavericks). With but several games remaining in the season however, the Warriors have finally started to pop off consistently. They proved this on May 10 and 11. What’s most impressing about these back-to-back victories against the #1 and #2 teams in the West is that Curry wasn’t really making 3s, and that we had just 8 people. Juan Toscano-Anderson (JTA) stepped up offensively, scoring much needed 3s and being in sync to score some paint buckets. Surprisingly but rightfully so, the officials weren’t making as much bad calls as they usually do, so the Warriors could save energy no longer having to push through horrible and missed calls.

The game against the Jazz was fun to watch throughout, with the Jazz being shaken and demoralized… That is, until the Warriors threw away their 18 point lead in the final quarter and ended the game with only a 3 point lead. As for the Phoenix Suns, the Warriors never had a lead against the Suns until after the 3rd quarter, tying a game in which the dubs were at one point down 14. This game was rather stressful, as Phoenix’s Booker was a James Harden, getting more far fouls than he deserved, hogging the ball and finding opportunity to shoot 3s. With but a few minutes in the final quarter, the Warriors managed to shutdown the Sun’s offense with powerful defense; no more fouls for Booker, and a 8 point victory.

These games are further complemented by the Warrior’s previous win against the Memphis Grizzlies, the last game before the playoffs. The Warriors today at 7:00 will play their first game in the playoffs against the Lakers, who have been losing much of their recent games.

Steph Curry wins 3-point contest

I know Ronan already did a blog on Steph winning the trey shooting contest but I wanted to give a shout out as well. I watched Steph win his first crown and I was elated to be able to watch Steph Curry take his second crown in thrilling and sharp shooting fashion. Check out the video clip below. The first round was his qualifying round and immediately following is his championship winning round.

And for all of you history buffs, Golden State Warrior fans, and Curry enthusiasts here is a video clip I found of Curry’s first 3-point contest win six years ago…

Stephen Curry wins 3 point shooting contest

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who is the best three point shooter (especially for how young he is), won yesterday’s All-Star three point contest, gaining another trophy on top of his previous won in 2015. Stephen Curry was last to shoot, which was very suspenseful. The moment was much more intense when Stephen Curry’s win would rely on his final shot, winning the contest by just one point. Here’s good juju to Curry making more threes on March 11th against the clippers!

Curry’s last attempt starts at 4:52