Drought emergency declared in most of California

It’s no secret that California has been experiencing a severe drought in the past decades. Now, they’re even worse, as with 41 counties have been placed in drought emergency. A major factor that worsened the drought are smaller than usual snowpacks. Exacerbated by climate change, these droughts have fueled large and dangerous wildfires, which can be even worse now. Other than fires, its impact will put more strain on grass lawns, urban water usage (toilets, clothes, showers, etc.), and farms (agriculture and animals). The drought emergency declaration has billions of dollars planned for improving water infrastructure, helping people with water bills and reducing water usage wherever possible. Most fishy of all, the drought will also result in 17 million salmon being transferred to the Bay Area by truck.

Featured image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash. Sources: Washington Post, CalMatters