The moon is one of the most visible and notable celestial objects we can see in the night sky (and sometimes during the day as well). But as a celestial object, it’s not easily photographed by the average smartphone user. Obviously the biggest challenge is getting enough zoom on the moon, and that has traditionally been with optical, high powered telephoto lens. Smartphones have come a long way from having a single camera to multiple cameras, most notably the telephoto lens.

With surprising detail, you can make out the Aristarchus crater, which is the brightest appearing area on the moon.

The OnePlus Open was the first OnePlus to achieve a 6x zoom, which is definitely more than the 2x-3x of its predecessors and most other phones out there (looking at you, Apple). But even with zooming in further, you don’t lose much details, thanks to the half inch 64 megapixel sensor used. At 60x zoom (most of it being digital, which usually means less details), my photo of the moon was surprisingly crisp. Shockingly, this was taken with just my hand; no tripod. The Samsung S24 is also known to snap good photos of the moon, and theoretically, the new iPhone 15 Pro models (sorry, the base model and Plus models don’t even have a telephoto lens).

Additional details just for proof.