Bing isn’t just a search engine, but is in fact several services. For those that regularly use bing, it is already known you’re awarded free points that can be redeemed for prizes, including Amazon gift cards. Bing since 2023 has also rolled out AI based features, the first of which is being able to “chat” with Bing’s AI, but its biggest use is actually being able to ask it questions. A search engine by itself does not answer your questions, it just searches for keywords and you hope what you’re looking for is in those millions (or zero) results.

The AI is actually able to answer complex questions, especially useful when even the most advanced search queries cannot help you. There’s also a nifty AI image creator, which can generate images based on the words you use. It’s fun to use, but is restrained largely by censors and not being able to mention specific people, such as Donald Trump; no creating funny Trump images 🙁 . Nothing beats free stuff though simply for using Bing! I’ve claimed dozens of Amazon gift cards from Bing so far.