As a person who drinks almost anything and likes most of them, it is rare for me to hate something. A Rose is hardly a wine a that is difficult to execute, I would say. Crane Lake’s Rose (which is Californian) is a delicious Rose, just a tad bit dryer than 19 Crime’s Cali Rose. As such, it has some sweetness, and refreshing notes of cherry, raspberry and watermelon.

The Les Ecumes Rose? It is a Southern French wine. On the nose, it smells like fortified wine, which in my experience, smells of weirdly fermented stuff (like soy sauce). On the tongue, it tastes just as it smells, which is like a light soy sauce, without a gram of sweetness, and very little fruity taste, if any at all. It makes a Chardonnay taste like a Riesling.