Recycling in general is pretty important, and in several states, recycling certain containers can actually yield some cash. In California, it’s a little weirder. CRV or California Redemption Value, is actually a regulatory fee paid on applicable containers. In essence, purchasing eligible containers adds an additional charge of either 5 or 10 cents, so it’s more like a refund. This can be quite the motivator for making people recycle such items (more so if you just happen to find CRV eligible containers lying around that you didn’t pay for).

Containers of any type are 5 cents if they hold less than 24 fl oz, and 10 cents if more than 24 fl oz. CRV may also be worded as CA Cash Refund. The official Cal Recycle website also provides a map for certified recycling centers where you can redeem CRV. Note that for any center, you can recycle 50 containers of each type (glass, plastic, metal) for per container value, otherwise, you’ll be paid by weight instead. If the center isn’t open despite the listing saying so, or won’t provide per container value, you can lodge a complaint.