While most of the election results for California (in regards to the U.S. House) are still not definitive, the results for the Propositions are already quite solid. Three propositions have succeeded. Proposition 1 codifies the right to abortion and contraceptive use to CA’s constitution. Proposition 28 expands art and music programs in K-12 school systems. Proposition 31 upholds bans on flavored tobacco/vaping products, of which targets younger people. Those that failed are: 26 & 27 (Gambling), 29 (Dialysis Clinics) and 30 (Lyft).

Proposition 22 allows for Uber/Lyft to not classify drivers as employees, which would entail certain rights for “drivers”.

It’s no surprise the propositions that would expand gambling (both online and at Tribal casinos) failed. Proposition 29, which the CA Democratic Party supports, failed miserably again for the 3rd time. It’s a controversial proposition; a yes would in essence mandate more staffing, potentially increasing costs and passing it on the dialysis patients that will die without treatment. Proposition 30 sounds good on paper: tax the rich a bit more and use it to better the climate/environment. But, rideshare company Lyft is behind it. That money would likely help their profits out (they really don’t need it) as it would help to meet requirements to electrify “their” fleet. No thanks; as if Proposition 22 wasn’t enough for them.