As you may know, the Golden State Warriors has lost several players that were undoubtedly impactful in us winning the finals this year. Thankfully, we have recuperated some of that loss with the signing of Donte DiVincenzo, who was previously with the Milwaukee Bucks (and the Sacramento Kings before). He’s a 6’4″ guard that can score, which can either take pressure off Stephen/Klay or take advantage of the offensive pressure that Stephen/Klay exerts.

Like Gary Payton II, he can recognize opportunities to steal the ball, and spot openings to get to the basket. Most importantly, he can move fast, which is essential to how the Golden State Warriors play. He also has a cool nickname, “The Big Ragu”, as he is of Italian heritage. I can imagine myself raising Ragu sauce bottles with Donte’s face on it every time he makes a good play.