Oscars host Wanda Sykes shared her personal account of where she was when the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith occurred, and how she feels about what happened that night.

My two takeaways from here video are this. First of all, I completely agree with her that it was completely wrong to allow Will Smith to remain in the building after assaulting Chris Rock. He should have been escorted out and he should not have been allowed to get up on stage and accept his award. She called the whole situation, including his acceptance speech, as “gross” and she’s completely correct. A couple of words that come to my mind as well are odious and disgusting.

Lastly, I hadn’t heard about Wanda Sykes catching up with Chris Rock later that night at an after party. Apparently the first words out of Chris Rock’s mouth was an apology to her and the other female hosts. Chris Rock felt bad that all the great work that the hosts did on the show was ultimately going to get lost in all the fireworks and the media storm that was surely going to follow. What a classy guy. He’s the one that gets assaulted on national TV, humiliated by an acting colleague for doing his job, and Chris is apologizing to others for how it might adversely affect them. It took Will Smith a whole day to find his way to an apology to Chris Rock but Chris is the one who is shining with class and integrity and truly caring spirit for his fellow comedians. That’s class with a capital C.


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