The California State Fair

The California State Fair (CSF) is our annual state fair held in the state’s capitol: Sacramento. It starts on July 17 and lasts 17 days. Our state fair has been running since 1854 and it even has its own police department to keep it safe. The fair is hosted by California Exposition & State Fair and they also provide an array of functions beyond the fair showcasing our agriculture and technology. It also enriches the community with its history and jobs. The fair is additionally home to various events and attractions such as the Sac Comic-Con and Raging Waters.

In 2020, the event was predictably canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in 2021, the event still has an uncertain future. Sadly, COVID-19 is also threatening its existence. Cal Expo states on their website that as an independent state agency they have always functioned with little assistance from the state. Even during this pandemic they don’t qualify for PPP loans or federal aid. Here’s hoping that COVID-19 is defeated in mid 2021, and if not, hoping that Cal Expo gets preserved by the state so that we may all continue to enjoy this great event.