Gov. Newsom to TX ― “Absolutely Reckless”

So, Texas has been an enormous tragedy within the last few weeks, most of it the product of an incompetent Republican [anti]leadership. A severe snow storm not long ago knocked out power and water to many. Leave it to dumbass Republicans to blame renewable energy, even though it was oil (namely natural gas) that failed the oil state. The fact they have their own power grid doesn’t help either. As if things couldn’t possibly get worse for Texas’s denizens, their unthinking Gov. Abbot has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, decidedly becoming a breeder reactor for COVID-19 and its mutants.

There’s the Western power grid, the Eastern power grid, then there’s Texas.

Governor Gavin Newsom slammed Abbott indirectly over this stupid decision. Ted Cruz, who is trying to fix his ego, also made a stupid statement, suggesting that reopening will increase the exodus of Californians to Texas. (Cruz has been doing abysmally when he enjoyed a warm getaway in Mexico). You don’t need to be a genius or a doctor to understand that Texas will spike significantly in cases and deaths soon – I hope Abbott will be held accountable, and be the reason Texas gets Democrat leadership.