Proper Twelve and Pepsi

In honor of Saint Paddy’s day I tried the new (Irish) kid on the block Proper Twelve whiskey. Generally speaking, I pair whiskey with Coke but I got the alliterative superior Proper Twelve and Pepsi. I was down with the linguistic snobbery so I welcomed the curve ball.

Proper Twelve is definitely smoother than Jameson methinks and that probably has something to do with the relative sweetness of Pepsi in comparison with Coke. This was a nice surprise and I definitely give two thumbs up to both Proper Twelve and Pepsi as a mixer. On a side note, I’d also highly recommend Kirkland’s variant on the Irish whiskey.

One point of cool trivia, Connor McGregor is not just the international pitch man for the top shelf spirit but also founded the branded. That I did not know. Here are some funny moments from Connor while promoting the brand…