Governor Newsom formally appoints Alex Padilla to the U.S. Senate and nominates Dr. Shirley Weber as Secretary of State

Obviously, all the buzz this week is about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking office tommorrow. And rightfully so. The dark reign of incompetence and depraved indifference that was the Trump presidency is on the way out. The good book says, “Weeping endureth for a season, but joy cometh in the morning.” That dawn of light that Democrats will usher in will begin to cleanse the stain of greed and immorality Trump, his family, and his enabler. Thank God. With all that being said, and very true, let’s not lose sight of the great contributions of the great state of California amidst all the great history that will be made this week.

It is fitting that on the same day we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — a civil rights icon who fought for justice and representation — we also move forward the appointment of California’s first Latino U.S. Senator Alex Padilla and the nomination of Dr. Shirley Weber who will serve as the first-ever African American Secretary of State. Both will be strong defenders of our democracy during this fragile moment in our nation’s history,” said Governor Newsom. “These appointments are only possible because of the trailblazing leadership of my dear friend and California’s own Kamala Harris, who will move on from the Senate to make history by becoming the first African American and woman to serve as Vice President of the United States. This is a proud day for California.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

In a week of firsts and breaking barriers I am so proud to live in a state that leads the way, most of the time, when it comes to liberal and progressive values. My hat goes off to Gavin Newsom, again, for leading and orchestrating some long over due firsts for the Golden State: The first ever Latino U.S. Senator and the first ever African-American Secretary of State. Herein lies a key component of leadership folks, so write this down, organizational leadership must walk, talk, and look like the masses they lead. Diversity is not a weakness, but a strength, and is the only true path to progress in any healthy democracy.