Ricardo Lara is on your side!

My parents came to this country from Mexico propelled by a dream without documents, determined to create a better life. Now, as your Insurance Commissioner, I’m determined to keep fighting to make a better life for nearly 40 million Californians.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you today that I’m officially running for re-election for California Insurance Commissioner.

I’m seeking re-election because this fight is far from over. I’m on your side as we continue to implement solutions to the climate crisis, expand health care to every Californian, and address the inequities we see across our state.

Since taking office, I’ve saved consumers over $1.75 billion dollars — pushing the insurance industry to prioritize people over profit. I’ve fought to defend fire survivors when the industry tried to flee from their commitments — protecting more than 2 million policyholders from nonrenewal following disaster. And I’ve continued to strengthen our clinics and public health system, fighting to lower costs for all — while still pushing for the creation of a single-payer health care system that covers every Californian.

I’m committed to holding the insurance industry accountable to consumers because amid crisis, this work has never been more important. But we can only do this together.

I’m ready for the work ahead — and I’m so honored to have you on my side.