On this date: Klay scores 37 in a single quarter

Five years ago today Warriors fans, and the rest of the NBA world, witnessed some fantastic basketball history! Fellow splash brother, Klay Thompson, lit up the score board at the Oracle arena and put up 37 points in a single quarter. Not the game mind you, which would be a cool feat of scoring prowess all by itself, but Klay put up 37 in just ONE quarter. Of course, this was an NBA record.

After going 3-for-9 from the floor, and 2-for-5 on 3-pointers, in the first half, Thompson, the 24-year-old guard who was three weeks shy of playing in his first All-Star Game, sent the home crowd into a frenzy with a legendary performance. The scoring binge started over two minutes into the third period, when he drove from the right wing to the left side of the key, spinning into a 12-foot jumper that put the Dubs ahead 60-58. The fourth-year pro registered a steal about a minute later, igniting a fast break that he finished with a pull-up 3-pointer. And from that point on, Thompson absolutely owned the quarter.


I remember watching this game with a good college buddy, I’m looking at you Todd Johnson, and it was probably one of my greatest sports memories. Everyone knew we were watching history in the making. At one point I remember everyone in our living room yelling, “Give it to Klay! Give it to Klay!” It truly was something amazing to watch unfold and will always be a cherished Dubs memory!

The California State Fair

The California State Fair (CSF) is our annual state fair held in the state’s capitol: Sacramento. It starts on July 17 and lasts 17 days. Our state fair has been running since 1854 and it even has its own police department to keep it safe. The fair is hosted by California Exposition & State Fair and they also provide an array of functions beyond the fair showcasing our agriculture and technology. It also enriches the community with its history and jobs. The fair is additionally home to various events and attractions such as the Sac Comic-Con and Raging Waters.

In 2020, the event was predictably canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in 2021, the event still has an uncertain future. Sadly, COVID-19 is also threatening its existence. Cal Expo states on their website that as an independent state agency they have always functioned with little assistance from the state. Even during this pandemic they don’t qualify for PPP loans or federal aid. Here’s hoping that COVID-19 is defeated in mid 2021, and if not, hoping that Cal Expo gets preserved by the state so that we may all continue to enjoy this great event.

It is official: Kamala Harris is V.P.

Former U.S. Senator, from the great state of California we might add, Kamala Harris has been sworn in as Vice President of the United States making her the first female vice-president. It’s a day to celebrate, it’s a day for pomp and ceremony, and most importantly it’s a day to hit the reset button and start the long journey back to exceptionalism. Are you ready?