Oops: Gov. Gavin Newsom isn’t listed as a Democrat on recall ballot

Gov. Newsom’s legal team made a mistake 16 months ago in which Newsom’s party preference won’t show up next to his name in the upcoming recall ballot, which was only realized in June. Newsom’s handpicked Secretary of State, Shirley Weber, refuses to allow for Newsom’s legal team to fix this mistake, which prompted Newsom to sue his own Secretary of State.

Sure, the proper pathway to filing so late is a judicial resolution (the courts), but that seems very unnecessary. Weber apparently could’ve accepted the late filing before certifying the recall election. More so, a 2019 law Newsom signed into existence, is meant to give voter as much information as possible about candidates; yet, Newsom won’t be listed as a Democrat (yet) on the recall ballot.

Unsurprisingly, Newsom’s spineless Republican opponents (like Jenner) are trying to ensure he won’t be called a Democrat on the recall ballot. They already feel threatened by that 2019 law, and a recent bill that moved Newsom’s recall election 30 days earlier, from October to September. In the end, I really can’t imagine most Democratic voting Californians will somehow vote for a nasty republican over Newsom, even if his party preference isn’t listed on the ballot (after all, it’s pretty damn obvious who our current Governor is, thanks to occasional recall Newsom signs, and it’s also clear that the GOP hates him).