OnePlus 9 Series is coming March 23

The OnePlus 9 Series will be OnePlus’s newest lineup. Obviously, it will be 5G enabled, have the latest Snapdragon processor (888), with a base storage/RAM of at least 128 GB/8 GB. The display is very likely to be large and flat (a big win for those who hate curved displays), and possess a 120 HZ refresh rate.

The phones should at least support 65 watt charging (As seen with the OnePlus 8T). This is the fastest mainstream method of charging, going from 0 to full charge in 40 minutes, or 0-58% in 15 minutes. There may be 45 watt wireless charging too (At least for the Pro variant). OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus 9 Series will include a charger. Yes, that’s a thing, because Apple and Samsung have don’t package chargers with their phones anymore.

Finally, the cameras. They will be developed by Hasselblad, a reputable Swedish company that deals in photography/cameras. Hasselblad hasn’t been seen in the smartphone industry for 5 years, their previous collaboration being with Motorola (and it was just OK). It’s 2021, and I’m certain to say that OnePlus wouldn’t partner Hasselblad unless there’s something really good coming out of it. At the very least, the new cameras are touting HNCS (their term for very accurate color reproduction). Unfortunately, that’s about it for what’s known. Tune in for the launch event at March 23, 7:00 AM to learn more.

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