Mysterious vehicle shootings on California freeways

Apparently since March, hundreds of vehicles have been damaged on Californian Freeways that run through Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties (the 91 has most of the incidents). The victim’s cars suffered smashed or chipped windows and windshields, as well as vehicle body damage, and at least one person with a minor injury, all from BBs or pellets. Even a California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicle was struck in Santa Anna.

There isn’t much information out there regarding the investigation, though the CHP is using additional resources to bring these swath of shootings to an end. It will be quite difficult to accomplish, as the shootings are seemingly random (all kinds of vehicles have been struck) and very vast. As if things couldn’t possibly get worse, there was a car-to-car shooting on the 91 in Riverside. Thankfully, no one has died (yet…).