Los Angeles enters yellow tier.

Just months ago, virtually 0% of California’s population has been in less restrictive tiers. Recently as all counties finally exit the purple tier, very few of the population has been in the least restrictive tier. That is, until Los Angeles, California’s most populous county, has entered yellow tier just yesterday, propping 25% of CA’s population into a zone almost free of COVID-19 restrictions. The only establishments that haven’t really been able to allow indoor operations were bars, which will now be able to at 25% capacity. Now, at the rate California has been going in vaccinating away (and preventing) COVID-19, we can expect the rest of California’s counties to improve. As a Fresnan, it seems that Fresno may be ready for yellow tier in 2-4 weeks.

One thought on “Los Angeles enters yellow tier.”

  1. I’m so glad we are finally headed in the right direction and with some momentum!

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