Golden State Warriors begin season with a win

The NBA’s 75th season, 2021-2022, started just yesterday. There were two games: Nets vs. Bucks, and Warriors against the Lakers. The Nets game was notable, because Kyrie Irving wasn’t playing at all. He refused to get vaccinated, so he can’t play games, or get paid until he does. I don’t understand the refusal at all, but despite that, he still earns tens of millions doing nothing. Whatever dude.

The Warriors vs. the Lakers was a more interesting game. Our bench players were able to pump out a lot of points, with almost half of our score made from them, thanks to a very capable Nemanja Bjelica. The Lakers, though they too have a capable roster, just couldn’t keep up. This was especially true for Lebron James, who is usually tired due to staying in a lot longer than he should be, all the while Steph Curry can rest comfortably thanks to the bench.